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Benefits of Martial Arts

Having been involved in the martial arts since my mid-teen years, I can now say without hesitation that this is fantastic news. As any martial artist knows, there is a seemingly endless list of benefits to enrolling your child in the martial arts – even more benefits, dare I say, than they’d enjoy if they were enrolled in a team sport. The purpose of this article, of course, is not to disparage team sports. To this day, I am a diehard hockey fan. I am still driven to extreme happiness by a big Ottawa Senators win and pushed to downright euphoria every time the Toronto Maple Leafs lose. I don’t want to knock hockey or soccer or football or any other team sport. What I do hope to do over the next few paragraphs, however, is shine a light on the transformative potential of the martial arts for young children.Perhaps the most obvious benefit of the martial arts for children is that they’ll learn to defend themselves. This, of course, leads to a peace of mind that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.While teaching children how to defend themselves, however, any respectable martial arts instructor will teach them that violence is an absolute final resort. Many schools and academies place so much value on this principle that they’ll ban students who use what they’ve learned on the mats for ill.

Boost your confidence
In sum, when properly taught, the martial arts will instill in your child a valuable surefootedness. Perhaps even more valuable than this surefootedness, however, will be the level-headedness and self-control their martial arts training instills in them. That, of course, is not where the rewards of enrolling your child in the martial arts end. It should come as no surprise that the martial arts – like team sports – are an excellent source of exercise. The martial arts are, in short, a tremendous workout: capable of warding off unwanted weight and promoting functional muscle growth in students of all ages and descriptions. Because the martial arts are such a great workout, they’re also a great way to curb your child’s energy levels. Evenings with your child, especially if your child is still young, will become much more manageable if they’ve just wrapped up an hour of taiji or taekwondo. For the most part, everything I’ve mentioned so far is fairly common knowledge to anyone with any acquaintance with the martial arts. It’s no secret, after all, that practicing jiu-jitsu, judo, or muay Thai will boost your confidence and keep you in shape. There is one benefit of the martial arts, however, that I find to be criminally underappreciated – particularly with respect to young students. The martial arts will hone a child’s goal-setting skills like no other athletic pursuit.

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